Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our meal plans were designed with you in mind. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go – we’ve got a plan to fit every appetite.

We’ve kept what’s most important to you in mind, building in the convenience, flexibility, quality, value and healthy options you deserve. Explore our meal plan options to learn more about what would be the best fit for you.

  • Do I need to buy a meal plan?
    Although meal plans are great for all students, only students who live in a residential hall are required to purchase meal plans every semester.

  • Will my meal plan auto renew for next semester? 
    If you are living on campus your meal plan will remain the same for one full year, unless requested to change. If you are living off campus, your meal plan will expire at the end of the semester and you will need to renew for the next semester.

  • Will unused meals or Declining Balance roll over? 
    Declining Balance Dollars that are part of the meal plans will not expire until the end of the Spring Semester. Privateer Bucks and Declining Balance Dollars that are added on throughout the semester will roll over to the next semester as long as you are with the university.
  • Where can I use my meal swipes if I have the Freedom Plan?
    Simply tell the cashier that you have the freedom Plan and they will swipe for your meal rather than using your Campus Cash (declining balance). The only restrictions are in the C-Stores. For those you can purchase SWEGS items, bags of chips, and 20oz Coke products as part of your Freedom Plan meal swipe. As long as your purchase is $7.25 or less, you will only have a meal swipe deducted. If it is more than $7.25, it will deduct a meal swipe and you will simply have to pay for the remainder of your total with Campus Cash or with another form of payment. Grab a signature coffee and a bagel, swipe for a quick smoothie at Jamba as a meal, or get a signature Sandbar Burger after a long day of classes. All of this without having to dip into your Campus Cash!
  • If I have already purchased a meal plan, can I change it?
    If you are living on campus and would like to make a change to your meal plan, you will need to speak with a housing advisor before August 29th and they will guide you through the correct course of action. If you are living off campus and would like to make a change to your meal plan, contact the dining office or send us an email and we can assist you further.
  • How long before my account becomes inactive? 
    Accounts will be deactivated after one full year of inactivity. After this time the account balances will be removed and the account will removed from the system. 
Don’t worry - simplicity and convenience are all within reach. Once you have a meal plan, your student ID works like a debit card. Just swipe your card and the meals and points are deducted from your meal plan account.

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